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We are specialists in sampling and sample preparation, and have experts in the sampling of hazardous goods. In our well-equipped accredited laboratory, we offer a wide range of chemical analyses. We have specialist knowledge in inorganic and analytical chemistry.

We can help you with the following in chemical analysis:

Analysis of inorganic chemicals

We perform chemical and physical analyses of various raw materials and finished products, so you can guarantee your customers the correct quality.

Analysis of industrial wastewater

In addition, we can provide sampling and analysis of groundwater, wastewater and contaminated land.

Heavy metal analyses

Thanks to our modern instruments, we have an excellent ability to analyse levels of the following heavy metals: As, Cd, Hg and Pb.

Consultation on chemical problems

We are happy to add our expertise and machinery to your development projects.

Production of reagents and solutions

Contact us if you need customised chemical solutions and reagents We can help you with hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and nitric acid in various concentrations and potassium permanganate solutions.

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Hans Gunnar Wiberg, Helsingborg (South) Department Manager Chemical Analysis +46104830320 Email

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