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At Jernbro we have delivered around 1000 AGVs around the world. We can therefore guarantee that you get flexible equipment with high operational availability, making your business more efficient and profitable.

Most of our AGV systems are designed for more complex assembly applications. We also supply logistic systems for the transport of goods. You choose how to distribute intelligence between control systems, the AGV system and the operator. We deliver a full product range, from manually controlled AGVs, where the operator uses a joystick to guide the AGV to the next station, to control systems that communicate and issue radio-transmitted operating commands to the AGV. All our systems are flexible, independent and have built-in quality assurance.

Our control system can be quickly installed and communicate with machines and systems for material handling and quality assurance.


Advantages of our AGV systems

  • Modular and fully customisable to customer needs
  • Flexible systems that can be adjusted rapidly to reflect changes in production
  • Autonomous systems that can be altered to match the company’s production rate
  • Can be equipped with optional user interface – ranging from simple push button interfaces to colour graphic displays
  • Investments are profitable even with a small number of AGVs
  • Ergonomic assembly fixture
  • Reduced cycle time
  • The Siemens S7 industrial standard control system ensures high reliability
  • Continuous operation at speeds from 0.4 metres per minute
  • High operator safety, complying to the latest safety standards
  • As far as possible, standard components are from major global suppliers.
  • Energy supply can be adjusted to operating method – ranging from inductive current transmission to regular lead batteries

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Product images

TC30 AGV with double fixtures
TC40 AGV with telescopic fixtures
TC55 AGV for transport
TC70 AGV with fixture tower
AGV TC80 for transport
Löfven and Merkel are presented AGV TC80 at the Hannover messe 2019
Watch one of the AGV:s on site at Sandvik Machining Solutions at the time 2:30

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