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We are also certified within a number of important service and product areas.

Quality certified according to ISO 9001

ISO_9001_ISO_14001_COL_ENGTo guarantee service deliveries with assured quality, we have developed a standardised delivery process. This can of course be adapted to each customer. Our proprietary management system forms the backbone of this quality work. Operations are reviewed and audited by Det Norske Veritas in Sweden.

Environmentally certified according to ISO 14001

ISO_9001_ISO_14001_COL_ENGJernbro’s organisation is certified according to ISO 14001. Operations have been audited by Det Norske Veritas in Sweden.

Several of our workshops are certified according to EN1090-1 and ISO 3834-2

EN 1090-1 means that we can CE mark load-bearing components for delivery to a construction site or for the manufacturing/modification in a workshop of different types of supporting structures such as steel frames, mezzanine floors and wrought iron work.

Welding is done in accordance with ISO 3834-2, which includes quality requirements for the activities performed in connection with welding.

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