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With round 750 co-workers in Sweden, we help Swedish industry toward safer and more efficient production. In-depth competence, understanding of the conditions in industry and closeness to our customers allow us to promise you improved productivity and lower total costs.

Our offering is extensively wide

We can help you develop and streamline your maintenance through a series of services. Everything from improving your maintenance processes, and when that is done, to performing the maintenance required for your plant to achieve top performance. We also have engineers and specialists that can develop your production plant. From minor rebuilds to complete machines and production lines. We help you all the way from idea to finished plant.

We have our roots in Swedish industry

Today we help several of the country’s most successful industrial enterprises streamline their production. Long relations have resulted in extensive knowledge in the following industries: metal, plastic & rubber, wood, automotive, machine, food, steel, pulp & paper, chemicals and energy. Our breadth means we can provide you as a customer with valuable knowledge from other industries.

Follow you out into the world if needed

It is not uncommon that we follow our Swedish customers out into the world and help them develop production in their international plants, often through technical consultative services or delivery of machine equipment.

This is how we develop your maintenance process

To be able to offer you world-class maintenance we work according to our methodology: Jernbro Maintenance Way, which we have developed ourselves. With this method we just don’t identify what needs to be done but also how and why, to improve maintenance in your organisation.

Develop your maintenance process

We can take care of all your maintenance

If you have made the strategic decision to outsource your maintenance, you should talk to us. We can take responsibility to guarantee the function of a single machine all the way to a complete plant. Whatever the size of the task, we take responsibility for both improving maintenance and performing it. We have several good examples of where we have taken overall responsibility.

Let us take overall responsibility

We can provide expertise for changes in production

You may want to rebuild a factory? Or find yourself without a maintenance manager?

You can buy in our expertise for a short period

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