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We do the work in our well-equipped workshop in Åmål, which can accommodate items of up to 110 tons, or on your site.

Service of large electric motors

We have long experience of service on all types of low and high voltage electric motors in all types of industries. As a brand-independent supplier, we can also provide new engines of different brands.

Examples of services in electric motors

  • Examples of services in electric motors
  • Rewinding and repair of all kinds of electric motors
  • Development of maintenance instructions/procedures
  • Technical investigations
  • Condition-based maintenance through vibration measurement and rounding of the entire powertrain
  • Diagnostics of electric motors with special equipment
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Field service

Service of generators

We offer everything from inspection with a proposed action plan, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance to complete renovation and reconstruction of generators.

Examples of services:

  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Change of slot wedges
  • Repair of corona/winding damage
  • Renovation of rotor coils
  • Purchase of new sheet metal package with mounting
  • Rewinding of stator winding
  • Repair and rewinding of feeders
  • Control of adhesive and repair/recasting of sliding bearings
  • Checking/alignment of axis string
  • In collaboration with others, we perform the installation of static magnetization and the delivery of new skeins
  • Extensive field service organisation

Service of transformers

We offer a complete spectrum of transformer services that increase availability and reliability. We have the whole chain from installation and repairs to rebuilds and inspections of all types of transformers.

Examples of services:

  • Change of gaskets for caps and bushings
  • Replacement of bushings and porcelain
  • Renovation of tap changers
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Oil samples with analysis and proposals for action
  • Purification of insulating oil through high vacuum filtration
  • Long purification of insulating oil during operation
  • Vacuum processing of transformer core
  • Addition of inhibitor and passivator of the right quality and the right amount
  • Qualified electrical measurements with transformer ratio tests, insulation measurement, tan delta measurement, resistance measurement, high frequency measurement and paper samples
  • Acquisition and installation of new transformers
  • Maintenance agreements

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